Haus Birnbacher

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There is nothing better than arriving at a holiday destination and immediately feeling comfortable. Nothing better than taking some time to free your mind, leaning back and enjoying the moment. Nothing better than being surrounded by people that make you happy and enrich your life. Or, in other words: There is nothing better than finding a home away from home - a feeling that we try to create for our guests at Haus Birnbacher.

Our philosophy:

We are deeply convinced that people feel best when they can be 100 per cent themselves. Therefore, it’s important to feel free and to do whatever makes you happy. Something that you are more than welcome to do during your vacation in Mühlbach.

We want you to feel at home: You can use everything that we are using, we can do BBQs together or hang out – if you fancy. We are very easygoing, laugh a lot and love a good chat. We value team spirit and positivity – and we are looking forward to welcoming you to our place.